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Guaro, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja

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Welcome to the COUNTS House

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Built around the year 1500, this was either the 1st or the 2nd house of Guaro.

The rest of the village organically grew around it.

Before that time, Guaro was a tiny village around a Moorish castle on the hills 3 kms further. The richest farmers settled far out of the village, against a hillside shielding them against the sun.

Possibly for the need of work force they erected a small church here too... and it is here that current day Guaro started to grow after the fall of the Moors.

In 1614 Guaro was given the royal title of 'Villa'. This was done by King Felipe IV of Spain. Such title was usually for a village that had shown exceptional courage or assistance in the Christian Reconquista on the Moors.

It was at this moment that Guaro became a County and a trusted statesman from Madrid, Don Juan Chumacero de Sotoymayor y Carrillo, was elevated to Count of Guaro.

The water well on the patio still points to the magnificent history of the mansion, just as a room specifically dedicated to the curing of olives does.

When the counts left the village, some 100 years ago, the house became the cradle of all members of a Guarenian family, most of whom were born or raised here.

In the year 2000 the mansion was fully renovated.

When you enter the main house, you instantly see the first, narrow patio in front of you as well as the larger patio behind it.

On the left you have a lounge and on the right a room that was last used as a bedroom. A kitchen, bathroom and an olive atelier make this first floor complete.

On the second floor there are 3 bedrooms (2 double, 1 single) and a bathroom.

On the third floor a spacious loft.

The entrance to the guest apartment is on the side of the building.

The front door gives way to a staircase that leads to the 1st floor where this apartment is situated.

It exists of a kitchen, a lounge, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

This apartment can be reconnected with the main house, by creating a staircase to the patio downstairs.

Parking is in the street - and rather special for an Andalusian mountain village: it does not take much practise to drive to the property: there are no steep alleys.

It is in a fully flat part of the village, with grocery stores at a one minute walk, and bars at 3 minutes.


Guaro is a modest white village, located on the edge of the Sierra de las Nieves natural park. Thanks to its elevated position, at over 350 metres above sea level, the village offers privileged views across the surrounding countryside.

The area is known for producing almonds and olives, which is an important part of the local economy. Guaro has it ́s own olive mill, where locals have their harvests pressed. On the Grapevine Properties Youtube channel, you find a video about this authentic mill and the harvest process of the locals.

The village of Guaro is also used as an Eastern base for access to the Sierra de las Nieves, where you have stunning nature hikes and adventurous activities. It is the ideal spot for outdoor lovers, which also offers a few famous cultural activities like the Luna Mora festival in September. Like many white villages in Andalucia, the village dates back to the Arabic occupation of Spain. Luna Mora, translated as Moorish Moon is an historic celebration with arts, crafts and music in the open air amphitheatre of the village. Throughout the evenings of the festival, there is a Moorish style street souk, and the entire village is illuminated by over 20.000 candles which is truly beautiful to experience! Each July the village celebrates its annual pilgrimage parade or ‘Romeria' terminating at the tiny chapel of ‘Ermita del Santuario del Puerto'. Another typical Andalusian event, where everybody is welcome to join in.

Guaro is located 55 minutes (50 km.) from the city of Málaga and the airport and the beaches of the Costa del Sol (Marbella) are only a 35 minute (24 km.) drive away!

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