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3 900 000 €


Caleta de Vélez, Costa del Sol East, Málaga, Espanja


Buildable area: 21.632 m² on a plot of 16.295 m².

In a high level sector, next to the Baviera Golf Course and 900 houses (most of them detached houses with private garden).

Situated 500m. from Caleta de Velez, famous for its marina and magnificent beaches, among the best on the Costa del Sol and 20 minutes from Malaga.

Its Cadastral Value is 8.849.932 €.

It has a Certificado Tasación Hipotecarias S.A.U. 8.636.737€ (valid valuation for mortgage purposes).

Its RRP is only €3.900.000 (including commission of €200.000).

Note that by repercussion the PVP is 181€/m2 ceiling (cadastre has appraised at 410€/m2 and the mortgage appraiser at 400€/m2).

Hotel use such as HOTEL (e.g. 4 star hotel with 370 rooms), Motels, Aparthotels etc. In addition, there is confirmation from the Town Hall to allocate up to 49% of the land for any of the following uses:

Community Accommodation Use: RESIDENCE FOR THE ELDERLY, Student Residence.

Use of Offices and Offices, such as Gestorías, Real Estate, Banks...

Commercial use, such as Markets, Supermarkets, Shops, etc.

Medical Services, such as Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatients' Departments, etc.

Hospitality use, such as Cafeterias, Bars, Restaurants, Discotheques, Casinos, etc.

Industrial use: Transformation of raw or semi-finished materials.

Educational use, such as schools, kindergartens, universities, etc.

Recreational and Cultural Use, such as Shows, Cinemas, Libraries, Museums, etc.

That is, it is possible to build e.g. 1 Hotel + 1 Retirement Home.

It is possible to obtain a building permit by paying the amount of the guarantee for the simultaneous urbanisation and building works (which is deducted from the price of the building).

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Caleta de Vélez, Costa del Sol East, Málaga, Espanja
Pohjoinen, koillis, itä, kaakko, etelä, lounaaseen, länteen, luoteeseen
3 900 000 €
Meri, golf, panoraama

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