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Coín, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja

87 500 €
Kohdenumero: R4071991

Three urban plots in the municipality of Coín, one of the most charming towns in the province of Malaga, is located in the Guadalhorce Valley, about 33 km west of the provincial capital and about 30 north of Marbella. The environment in which the plots are located is incomparable, due to its geographical location, climate, culture, an exclusive environment in the urbanization of Los Montecillos II.

The total number of plots available for the property are three called


M2 buildability.

R4-7 of 461.32m2, 50%

R4-8 of 470.19m2. fifty%

R4-9 of 470.25m2. fifty%.

The building area is 50% of the total meters per


The plots are located in sector SUP 20 of the plan

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Tyyppi Tontti Sijainti Coín, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja
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