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El Chorro, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja

2 500 000 €
Kohdenumero: R3848299

El Chorro (the Lakes) Caminito del Rey, the place people go to but never want to leave...opportunity to build the places where people can stay!

This is a great investment in this beautiful, picturesque and ever-increasingly popular area which attracts thousands of visitors every year for swimming, water sports and the very famous Caminito del Rey for walkers.

Huge plot of 1,144.000m2 (114 hectares) with 2km of lake frontage and 18,240m2 building allowance. The building allowance can be used in various ways;

OPTION 1: Hotel Project of 5,000m2 to 18,240m2

40 to 80 rooms + restaurant, Spa etc...all licenses are in place and there's the possibility of a substantial grant from the Fondos Europeos

OPTION 2: 18,240m2 of holiday/weekend houses, ideal as a 2nd home or weekend retreat in this gorgeous relaxing area

OPTION 3: Could be Hotel Project 5,000m2 + holiday/weekend houses of 13,240m2

Päivitetty: 12.07.2022 klo. 05:15

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