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Monda, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja

50 000 €
Kohdenumero: R2866709

MONDA - Rustic land for sale, 103.609 m²

It will be allowed to build on legally segregated farms, but these must occupy at least 2.5 hectares per dwelling, in general. On forest land, the minimum area for building, on the other hand, will be 5 hectares, "provided that the protection regime, where appropriate, does not prohibit residential use." These parameters can be changed through sub-regional land use plans, when there is a need to fight against the depopulation of rural areas. The candidate plots for building must "allow a circle of 50 meters in radius to be drawn inside," specifies the regulation.

More requirements are set. The single-family house may never occupy more than 1% of the rural property on which it is built, except on forest land, which will be 0.5%. In addition, the promoter "will seek to plant trees of native species" to reduce the impact of the brick on the landscape. The construction will also have to adhere to some canons. The maximum height will be seven meters (two floors) to the upper face of the roof slab. You can have "complementary services" to the home, such as a garage or a storage room. Its situation will respect a minimum separation of 25 meters from the boundaries of the plot.

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Tyyppi Tontti Sijainti Monda, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja
Pinta-ala 103609m2 Hinta 50 000 €