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Tolox, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja

66 000 €
Kohdenumero: R2462231

Located deep in the hills of the white village of Tolox, this property is a developer's dream.

Built by the current owner, the 80m2 build needs a total reform.

The build sits on a 2,000m2 plot and boasts panoramic views

Although the property had no electricity or water, it has it's own water deposit.


The charming white village of Tolox lies against the steep hills of the Sierra de las Nieves, at the end of a side road from the C-344 Málaga-Ronda. It offers beautiful views of the vast rolling countryside below and impressive high mountain peaks above. Tolox is quietly famous for its SPA-waters and one of the gateways to national park Sierra de las Nieves.

The Tolox SPA (Fuente Amargosa Health Spa) attracts large numbers of pilgrims and SPA-visitors that stay in the area each year. Standing at the entrance to the spectacular nature reserve, the SPA makes use of the water which flows at the rate of 15.000 litres a day from the mountains. The water is said to work wonders with respiratory ailments due to a mild gas it gives off. Not only people benefit from the waters of Tolox, also avocado farms, vegetable plots and fruit trees packed with local fruits which are grown in the green valley, hidden between the hills, behind the village.

Besides the healing waters, the national park Sierra de las Nieves, is a wild and stunning area for rural tourists to discover. The wildlife is impressive and views often breathtaking. Visitors are welcome, however the village of Tolox is not packed with shops and hungry salesman. You find a tiny but engaging municipal museum, there are of course local shops and (tapas) bars and a central town square.

Tolox is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the slow, peaceful pace of its Andalusian inhabitants. Don't be surprised if you see an old man roaming the streets on its horse or donkey, this is part of the authentic and untouched lifestyle.

The village of Tolox is located an hour's drive (60 km.) from the city of Málaga and the airport and the beaches of the Costa del Sol (Marbella) are a 50 minute (40 km.) drive away.

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Tyyppi Tontti Sijainti Tolox, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Espanja
Pinta-ala 2000m2 Hinta 66 000 €
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